Land in Marupe for sale or lease

Real estate 'Vazdiķi B' 'has an area of 3.82 ha, located in Marupe, Zeltriti district, in a block of Zeltriti, Silaputninu Street and Lapiņi dam. The property is located next to the new residential block of apartment houses known as 'Vecozolu nami'. In the immediate vicinity, there are mostly new multi-apartment residential buildings. There are already more than 20,000 inhabitants in Marupe county and their number is growing every year.

Today the land is unbuilt, so the site is excellent to accommodate your needs, opportunities and goals. We are ready to consider various cooperation options - both lease and sell, as well as jointly develop and build.

Price: 100,000 EUR

More info: Phone number +371 26547398; +371 26330813 E-mail: [email protected]





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